Global Talent International School

Admission Rules

Rules and Regulation for Admissions

Admissions to the Global Talent International School, Chikhali Pradhikaran are open to all children without any distinction of caste, creed or religion.

We have taken every possible step to keep the admission procedure as simple as we can –

Kindly refer to the process as given below:

Fill up online Enquiry Form at our website’s Admissions tab or else you are invited to visit the school to know the admission procedure and a school tour followed by admission counseling session between 8:30 am to 4:00 pm for further enquiry.

  •  Counseling session by the school counselor is conducted and queries of parents are answered.
  • If required meeting with the Principal is arranged to have further discussion on admission.
  • If the parents feel satisfied and made themselves  familiar with school’s policies, curriculum and vision; they can seek Registration Form and complete the further procedure of admission.
  • Admissions are available on first come first serve basis and subjected to the availability of seats. No entrance is conducted till grade 4 for giving admissions.
  •  Parents have to purchase the Registration form worth Rs. 500-  and fill in the details properly  and submit  Admission Form with the relevant documents attached to it.  
  • Kindly note registration of admission alone doesn’t mean admission is confirmed.
  • On Payment of Admission Fees, 1st Installment and submission of all relevant documents the admission is considered confirmed.
  •  Parents will receive further intimation regarding Parents’ Orientation, books and uniform purchase etc. from school time to time.
  • The child needs to fulfill age criteria as stipulated by the State Government and CBSE for grade 1. Child should complete six years by 31st December of the particular academic year for seeking admission in grade 1.
  • The fee structure is subject to change at the discretion of the school management.
  • The decision of the school authorities regarding admission shall be final and binding.
  • Submission of Original Birth Certificate for Nursery to Grade 1 is mandatory.
  • Submission of Original Leaving Certificate (LC) or Transfer Certificate (TC) for Grade 2 to Grade 9 is mandatory.
  • Paid Registration fees and Admission Fees are non-Refundable and non-transferable.
  • Sibling (only directly related ones) will be given preference when a seat is vacant.
  • Before every withdrawal two calendar months’ notice is to be given. If notice period is not served the parents have to forfeit equivalent two months annual fee charges.


  • Registration and admission fees can be paid in cash or online in favour of Global Talent International School.
  • Tuition fees and other fees (Installments) are to be paid by JODO pay.


Online Form to be duly filled by the Applicant only after reading all the Rules & Regulations. Please carefully select the ACADEMIC YEAR you wish to apply for. Kindly fill in the entire form, each field is compulsory & check the age criteria before filling the form. Payment for the form to be made in the School after filling the form online. Applications should be submitted ONLY once for a student. Multiple entries will not be accepted. Secondly, if a form is filled incorrectly by the parent, the form will be disqualified and parent may be asked by the School to re-fill along with fresh payment. The submission of Online Application Form does not guarantee admission.


* Admission fee is one-time Non-refundable payment at the time of taking admission, for new admissions only.

**Legal Guardian’s details, documents and signatures will be valid & Applicable only in case of widowed parent/s of the applying student.


Kindly note that Age Criteria will be strictly as per Government and CBSE rules. Else, the Online Application Form will be disqualified.


  1. Fees can be paid in 4 installments. 1st Installment at the time of admission, 2nd Installment by 10th June, 3rd installment by 10th August and 4th installment by 10th October.
  2. In addition to fees, parents may need to meet optional expenses such as uniform, books, note books, transport, Annual Days & Sports Days and any other requirement in connection with their child’s education at GTIS.
  3. Those opting for Transport: Transport fees to be paid in 2 installments. 1st installment at the starting of transport service. 2nd installment in the month of October.
  4. All fees are to be paid either by way of JODO.
  5. If a student leaves the school before the end of a Term, fees will be payable for the full Term. Under no circumstances will the fees be refunded or adjusted.
  6. In case of mid-session admission, if admission done before the end of a Term I, Fees has to be paid in full of the particular term along with the admission charges. If admission done in Term II, part payment of 60% of annual fees plus admission charges will be accepted.
  7. The fee schedule of the School is subject to change from time to time, at the discretion of GTIS’s management. The School will communicate any fee revision to parents.
  8. No deduction in school fees or transport charges for vacations and broken periods.
  9. Fees paid once will not be refunded if admission is cancelled.
  10. Tuition Fees shall only be refunded in case the child didn’t attend the school for a single day and parents give a written notice at least 1 month prior at the beginning of the academic year.